why I make

Meta Heemskerk ArtistAs long as I can remember I’ve loved making; drawing, needlework, carpentry, music, I would try just anything.

It wasn’t until I discovered a large online creative community, that I realized I could take this love of making much further. I became very ambitious and eager to learn and I’ve worked very hard over the past years, taking several courses and workshops. Making art has become my biggest passion.

Initially I worked with fabrics, but I’ve since tried out lots of materials and techniques. I have a preference for natural materials and am currently exploring the possibilities of metal, in particular copper, but also steel, aluminium, zinc, or brass.

I work with metal as if it was fabric, patinating it with different surface design methods and applying simple textile techniques to make unique decorative objects. It’s interesting to combine the copper with for instance coconut fibre, wood or concrete.

Another medium I like to work with is beeswax, with which, in combination with oil paint, I make small etch-like pieces of wall art.

In my art I can combine my need to express myself in a free and intuitive manner and my love for crafting, which usually requires more patience and concentration.

I like experimenting and am often pleasantly surprised by new discoveries that I make. One of them was finding a way to patinate copper with text or images through screenprinting.

On the gallery pages on this website you can see what I’ve made since I began working with metal. There’s also a small selection of my early work.