In making my art I can combine the need to express myself in a free and intuitive manner and my love for crafting, which usually requires more patience and concentration.

For a while now, I have been exploring the possibilities of metal, in particular copper, but also steel, aluminium, zinc, or brass.

I work with this metal as if it was fabric, patinating it with different surface design methods and applying simple textile techniques to make unique objects. It’s interesting to combine the copper with for instance fabric, coconut fibre, wood or concrete.

I like the challenge of using non-textile materials in a textile way and to work with fabric in a non-textile way, e.g. instead of needle and thread I use hammer and nails.

My inspiration initially comes from the materials that I use. I love experimenting and am often pleasantly surprised by new discoveries that I make. One of them was finding a way to patinate copper with text or images through screenprinting.

I often work in series, when I make one, I make more. New work can either evolve intuitively or the starting point can be a particular subject that I research, develop and allow to evolve into a personal interpretation. The titles that I give my pieces usually refer to the initial idea behind the work.

Another medium I work with is beeswax, with which, in combination with oil paint, I make small etch-like pieces of wall art. I also like to ‘paint’ with the sewing machine and am currently working on a series of colourful stitched iPad doodles, transforming the smooth digital image into a tactile and textured piece. I enjoy the contrast between making the quick and intuitive drawings and the much slower and more careful stitching; the two minutes doodle will take some two hours to stitch.

Lately, I’ve been looking for a new direction in my work. Having been fascinated by the possibilities of printing techniques and as I’m always eager to learn new things, I recently began with a course in printmaking.  I hope this will eventually lead to an interesting combination with my textile work.

Please, feel free to leave me a note if you have any questions or comments. 

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